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Client Testimonials

Discover Success Stories from Our Valued Clients | Hear How Ellison Performance Has Helped Athletes and Clients Achieve Excellence. Explore their Transformative Journeys and Experience the Power of Accountability. 

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Ryan Johnson

Akron Football

"My Ellison Performance Experience was amazing, and I highly recommend it to any athlete that is looking to better their game from every aspect you could imagine!!"

Xavier Williams

Kent State Football

"During my time working with a Alex, I underwent a transformative experience. Through tailored workouts and personalized coaching, I honed my physical abilities and saw remarkable improvements in my speed, agility, and overall athleticism. The trainer's expertise and guidance pushed me to surpass my own limitations, and their motivational support kept me consistently engaged and determined. From challenging drills to valuable insights on proper techniques, my journey with the trainer was both demanding and rewarding. I not only achieved my fitness goals but also gained a deeper understanding of my body's potential and the importance of disciplined training."

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Tommy English

Lake Erie Lacrosse

"Using Alex's program has helped me significantly since he started training me this summer. Since using his program, I jumped from benching 190x3, to 205x3 and a 1RM of 225 to now 215x4, 225x2 and 240 for my 1RM. His leg days are brutal but have helped me go from 315x3 and 335x3 to now 335x6 and 365x2. Alex has helped me develop physically but also mentally and nutritionally by giving advice on meals as well as correctly pushing my body to achieve maximum growth."

Tommy Kilway

Kent State HockeY

"It was a pleasure to work with Alex this summer. His knowledge and attention to detail throughout the workouts was top tier. Alex always found a way to change the workouts from week to week to challenge me in different ways. Not only did he help improve my physical fitness but my mental toughness as well. I really enjoyed my summer working with Alex and can’t wait to get more work in after my season."

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High School athletes

Taylor, 30

""Working out with Alex has been a great experience. He truly pushes you when you feel like you can't do it. The workouts he puts together bet you out of your comfort zone and are so rewarding. He also makes you feel completely comfortable during them. Definitely helps build your confidence up and makes you want to push even harder. I would recommend Ellison Performance to anyone. "
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