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Our athletes

Check out all of our sponsored Ellison Performance athletes. 



Kent State Football

“I am an enthusiastic individual who derives great satisfaction from participating in sports and physical activities. Football, track, and tap dance are the sports that I actively engage in. These sports have taught me valuable lessons in teamwork, discipline, strategy, speed, and creativity. 


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Tommy English

Lake Erie Lacrosse

“Ellison Performance has helped me transform my game, my body, and my approach to not only sports but life. Alex and his team convey the message “Challenge the Standard” which is extremely important to me. Life is all about bettering yourself and leaving things better than you found them. Whether that be in sports, the weight room, a job, your personal life, we can also improve. Over the past year or so, Ellison Performance has helped me set goals and shatter them, with their programs, philosophy, and approach to sport. That’s why I couldn’t be happier to be the first official Ellison Performance Athlete and to work with Alex and his team to Challenge the Standard.”


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Grant Dunmire

Mount Union Lacrosse

“I’m grateful everyday I’m able to step foot on a field and pick up a lacrosse stick. Live in the moment and take advantage of every opportunity presented. Shooters shoot.

I’m excited to continue to work with Ellison Performance. Alex has been pushing me to be a better lacrosse player and athlete ever since I met him freshmen year of college.


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Southern Mississippi Football

Ryan is a Senior Defensive End on the University of Southern Mississippi Football Team. He has worked with us to get quicker in his 10 yard fly, and change of direction off of the line.


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Kent State Hockey

“My main philosophy is hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. I’m motivated to be the best athlete I can day in and day out.”


“I chose to work with Alex after seeing the type of training he does with his other athletes. He is a motivated young entrepreneur that works hard to better his athletes in all types of ways. “


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